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One Time Exclusive 2024
For Young Laying Hens

For one time only, we're offering a special Northern Delivery Run for our sought-after Organic Young Laying Hens. Don't miss this unique opportunity!

Availability is extremely limited, so order now to secure your hens.

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Farmstead Life Feeds is proud to be a family-owned, full-line feed mill, producing Fresh Milled Feed without pellets and fillers.

At the heart of our mission lies a deep commitment to the welfare of both our customers and the animals they raise. Recognizing the interconnectedness between human and animal wellbeing, we tailor our products to promote the health and vitality of livestock, thereby fostering the prosperity of those who tend to them. Beyond mere transactions, we prioritize cultivating enduring partnerships with our clients, providing them with tailored advice, attentive service, and steadfast assistance to ensure their success in the industry.

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Fresh Milled - Equine Feed - No Pellets

Farmstead Equine Feed offers premium feed free from pellets, and fillers, meticulously formulated with freshly milled, locally sourced ingredients leveraging cutting-edge nutritional science. This unique approach ensures that horses can fully utilize the nutritional benefits of the feed and the forages they consume. Our Equine Feeds offers customizable feeding options designed to meet the unique needs of horses, catering to their individual requirements and supporting optimal performance and development across various life stages and disciplines.

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Full Line Of Soy-Free Feed

Farmstead Life Dealer Application

We prioritize supporting family farms, small family businesses, and independent feed stores. Our feeds aren't available in chain feed stores because we believe in fostering strong customer education and support within small businesses. Here, the emphasis is on nutrition, health, and building lasting relationships.

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