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Heritage Breeds

We take pride in our conservation efforts in keeping true Heritage breeds. Breeds that are known for their hardy nature, naturally reproducing and broody tendencies. Diversity is key on our farm. We believe in keeping hardy, versatile, heritage poultry lines. Many of our birds have broody tendencies, love to forage and free-range. These heritage breeds are the ideal asset to any backyard, farmer or homestead seeking a pet or for food independence. Our Heritage Breeds are by Waitlist Only.

Canadian Ridley Bronze Turkey

$60/Dozen Hatching Eggs *wait list

$30/Chick *wait list

$75+/Adult Bird Sold Out

RIDLEY BRONZE TURKEY – Canada’s only surviving heritage turkey breed which is currently in grave danger of becoming extinct. This turkey type was created during the 1940's by J.H. Richardson of Saltcoats SK. At that time he had in mind his “ideal” turkey, which would be large, able to forage well, calm natured, hardy and able to reproduce naturally. He traveled all over Canada and the US, getting stock upon which he based his breeding program. He eventually created his ideal, and once that happened, never again added in any new stock.

Brown Chinese "Swan" Geese

$60/Doz Hatching Eggs *waitlist

$30/Chick *waitlist

$100+/Adult Bird Sold Out

The Chinese goose is a breed of domesticated goose descended from the wild swan goose. Chinese geese differ from the wild birds in a much larger size, and in having an often strongly developed basal knob on the upper side of the bill. The knob at the top of the beak is more prominent on males than females.

Muscovy Ducks

$36/Doz Hatching Eggs *wait list

$15/Chick *wait list

$30/Adult Bird Sold Out

One of the oldest domesticated fowl species in the world, the Muscovy Duck was already being kept by native people in Peru and Paraguay when the early Spanish explorers arrived. The word “Muscovy” may refer to the Muscovy Company (incorporated in London in 1555), which transported these ducks to England and France. The ideal Homesteading bird, broody, great parents, hardy and wonderful lean meat.

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