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Complete Feed

Soy-Free & Corn-Free complete nutrition to keep your mixed flock healthy and productive. Formulated with high levels of Vitamin B (niacin), a nutritional requirement for waterfowl and gamebirds. This feed is built with the Bio-stead Balance Plus+ system, fortified for healthy production, and includes probiotics, balanced protein, amino acids, and omega fatty acids. Multi-purpose, nutritious formula meets the needs of many species of poultry, including layers, broilers, turkeys, geese, ducks, pheasants, peacocks, and game birds. 


Size & Code

Bagged ~ XL-22kg-Bag : BAF-0022

Bulk ~ XL-1000-Tote : BAF-1000


Wheat, Peas, Canola Meal, Barley, Sunflower Meal, Calcium, Dical, Canola Oil, Poultry Micro Pack (Vitamin & Mineral Pack), Amino Acids, Salt, Probiotic Pack

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