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Pick-Up Location

Farmstead Life Feed and Supply

110-8350 Chiles Ind. Ave

Red Deer, AB

Farmstead Brown

Meet our Famous, Top-Selling Ready To Lay Hens. The Farmstead Brown Pullet is known to be docile, hardy, and extremely easy to work with, making them an excellent first-time chicken owner breed of choice. These beautiful birds are raised on a biosecure farm and are provided the best hand-raised care. They are known for their prolific laying and do well in backyard flocks, pastured, and egg operations. 


Farmstead Brown's lay beautiful brown-shelled eggs, with a lay rate of up to 300 eggs per year.


At pick-up hens are around 19 weeks old, starting to lay, and after a brief adjustment period of a few weeks to your farm, with proper care and quality feed, they will lay lots of beautiful brown eggs for your family or customers.

Vaccination & Barn Practices Information:

We vaccinate according to commercial or organic standards. It is standard practice for the hatcher to laser-beak trim all hens. This is a practice for hens going into a commercial setting, is painless for the hens, and does not impact their health or productivity. 

~ AGE AT PICK-UP: 18 to 22 Weeks


~ LAY RATE: 300/YR


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