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Wheat, Peas, Sunflower Meal, Camelina Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Calcium, Grit, Sunflower Oil, Dical,

Poultry Micro (Vitamin & Mineral Pack), Salt, Amino Acids, Probiotic Pack, By-0-reg+.


Chick-Starter PLUS+

Complete Feed

Soy-Free, Corn-Free & Canola-Free Chick Starter. Treated with *By-O-reg+ oregano supplement, and higher protein for a solid foundation. Starting chicks on soy-free feed protects their eggs and meat from transferring soy to humans, whose exposure may result in discomfort due to allergies. To aid digestion, we finely grind our chick feed, include probiotics, and balance proteins, amino acids, and omega fatty acids.

*About By-0-reg+

By-O-reg+ is a combination of unique, functional ingredients and technologies that aids in the health, growth, and production of livestock. The By-O-reg+ utilizes a time-release encapsulation technology that allows for a delayed release of essential oils throughout the entire GI tract, thus promoting gut health. Our specific formulas combine innovation and high-quality ingredients that ultimately improve your operation's bottom line. 

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Size & Code

Bagged ~ XL-22kg-Bag : BCP-0022

Bulk ~ XL-1000-Tote : BCP-1000

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