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Welcome to the 2023 Season!!

We will be offering our famous Farmstead Brown Pullets (young laying hens) for the Spring/Summer 2023 season. We will also have weaner piglets.  Simply choose from the links below to be added to our waitlist, you will receive an email as soon as ordering opens and will have the first option to buy for the dates of your choosing. 

The Farmstead Brown Pullet

Meet our Famous, Top-Selling Young Laying Hens. The Farmstead Brown is known to be docile, hardy, and extremely easy to work with, making them an excellent first-time chicken owner breed of choice. They are known for their prolific laying and do well in backyard flocks, pastured production, and egg operations. The Farmstead Brown lays excellent quality, beautiful brown-shelled eggs, with a lay rate up to 300/yr.

Limited birds available, order early to secure your hens. 

Weaner Piglets

Our Berkshire X Landrace X Duroc warner piglets are known for their long body type (Bacon production) as well as their fast growth rates. This cross is popular with homestead farmers that are looking for a fast-growing pig that produced ideal cuts for their freezer. 


PURPOSE: Meat / Breeding Stock

Limited piglets available, order early to secure your. 

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