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Pasture Hens


Please carefully review the following information for the 2024 Young Hen Sales.

- Choose your pick-up date wisely! Orders must be picked up between 10am and 4pm on your selected date. No refunds will be issued for missed pick-up dates.

- Please ensure you bring your own crates, boxes, or kennels to transport your birds home. We can provide a box for 2 hens at $5 per box.

-You will receive an email reminder two days before your scheduled pick-up date with pickup instructions, tips on transporting your hens, and information on settling them into their new home.

Select from the Dates below to order.

March 24th SALE

Farmstead Brown Pullet 

May 4th SALE

ORGANIC Brown Pullet

July 13th SALE

ORGANIC Brown Pullet

August 10th SALE Farmstead Brown Pullet

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