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Wheat, Vegetable Proteins*, Corn, Barley, Calcium, Grit, Canola Oil, Dical, Poultry Micro Pack (Vitamin & Mineral Pack), Salt, Amino Acids (Building blocks of proteins), Pigment Premix (Marigold), Probiotic Pack

*Possible Sunflower, Camelina, Soy, Canola

Farmstead Originals

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Non-Pellet 17% Layer

Complete Feed


Maximize your flock's productivity effortlessly with our locally sourced premium 17% layer feed. Packed with essential nutrients including probiotics, balanced protein, amino acids, omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, our non-pellet formula is specifically designed for adult laying hens. With optimal calcium levels for strong shells and enriching plant extracts for vibrant yolks, our feed guarantees superior health and egg production. Say goodbye to the hassle of additional supplements and embrace wholesome nutrition for your feathered companions.

Size & Code

Bagged ~ XL-22kg-Bag : FOL-0022

Bulk ~ XL-1000-Tote : FOL-1000


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